We provide pressure pumping equipment such as cementing unit, frac pump and stimulation pump



We take into high consideration the value of repairing ensuring prompt assistance



We offer qualified field-personnel in order to supervise any type of well-operations


The BE staff is involved in an HSE approach, in order to improve and constantly consolidate awareness on healthcare issues. A theme that deals with safety of people and facilities, as well as the environmental impact of our activities. A proper department handles the HSE policies, starting from a general assess and focusing at the same time on regional strategies. BE promotes best practices in management systems, provides specific training and inform its members with recurring reports.

We provide services

We are a twenty-year experienced staff in the oil industry field

Tailor Made

BE aims to facilitate the decision-making and commercial processes of the Oil&Gas multinational corporations, planning tailor made solutions.
BE works towards improving work quality values and outputs, according to case-by-case needs, proposing coded, but not homologated service packages. A way to reduce the processes costs, highlighting at the same time the peculiarities of each involved company.


Awesome Employees

Bearn Engineering is a young and dynamic company, managed by a more than twenty-year experienced staff in the oil industry field.
We are happy to be part of a great family in which stories and experiences from all over the world join all together.
Our one is a demanding job, with many responsibilities and often with a short notice call: it helps a lot to know that you are never alone and always supported by a great team.


We Think About The Consumer

We engage with providing the best products and first-rank services in order to meet the customer needs. You know that the customer is always right and deserves the best, not least does the consumer. The final user of our services is our greatest evaluator: our work sums up all the attentions we believe should be addressed to him. When he is pleased, we know that we have done a great job.


We Care About Environment

BE promotes protection of the area where it works and in general of the environment, in order to avoid to affect them with petroleum activities. BE constantly pursuit reductions of emissions, effluents and discharges of waste materials, in order to avoid a bad impact. BE considers health, safety and environmental matters before starting new activities and then reconsider them after leaving the place.

Latest projects

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«We are more than an ordinary service company, we are people who provide services»

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